Your Personal and Exquisite Private Escort

My name is Yarden, I am an independent, exclusive, escort girl, born in Israel, 25 years ago.

I’m a sensual, gentle, compact, girl with large natural breasts & long hair…..like a playboy model. (to quote one of my favorite clients). Though there may be many beautiful women throughout the world, when you seek for yourself a young adorable companion of intelligence, beauty and genuine passion, the search becomes a little more challenging. Such a woman does not just meet your needs, she anticipates and stimulates your fantasies….and thats me.

I can be the attentive listener, as well as the naughty sexy fantasy, the exquisite educated companion, or the queen treating you as my subject. The one thing I do however demand is that we have mutual respect for each other, this will create an atmosphere of mutual harmony in our own private and erotic environment.

Let’s together to create the perfect match and exciting adventure Welcome to my world of Passion!!! Kisses!!


Surrogate Therapy – Your sexual healer

Hey you guys, Thanks for visiting my website

After hearing and reading reviews about me from different sources, I decided to add this little section to further explain better, about who I am.

I’m a young independent escort, although, my clients have said many times that I’m more than just an escort I’m more of a surrogate, a sexual healer for them. This fits into my own life journey and identity as I find myself helping many gentlemen that have needed me in their life

Typically I help those that feel embarrassed, perplexed, shy or just confused sexually.  Whichever reason, you should know that we can work on it together in a comfortable sexual environment,

“why to do it alone, when you reduce the anxiety in such a tenderness way ?” One said.

A surrogate to be qualified must have many experiences to accommodate the other and to accept them without judging them, their sexuality and other needs as well. To be mature emotionally and mentally. One with a high soul that can be naturally there for the other.

We can converse about it, feel free to ask questions, try new things, and even laugh about it, our time together is totally discreet, for both sides, we can say and try whatever we want, the things we desire and the things we didn’t even know that we desired.

I’m inviting you to try and experience, it might turn out as a success  😉


Interested in 2 Girls at once?

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I appreciate at least a days notice in advance for our meeting, this allows me to schedule my day in a ‘non-hectic” manner so that we may enjoy each others company in a more relaxed atmosphere.

I have a preference for older gentlemen (over 40), Its not so much a fetish as I have better chemistry with them. This is a subtle hint for the “younger guys” please save us both time, by looking elsewhere.

Thank you


Contact Me!

Tel: 0549383798

Email: yardenisrael20@gmail.com

Please note that I don’t always have my mobile phone with me, so it will be easier to chat with me via email.


Rates and location in the bottom of the page

The picture above, though not me, is an excellent “copy” of my own body. I assure you, if that is what your looking for, that is what will be walking through your door.

Please note, because I do have a discreet business I cannot place real pictures of myself on this site, however, I’ve spent tens of hours scouring the internet to find just the right pictures, that closely represent my body. The pictures appearing here are “me”…..if that is what you are looking for, I assure you, you wont be dissapointed.

The quotes on this site, taken from various forums and are designed to reassure you that though the pictures are not of me, they do represent me. More than that, I would like you to be assured that the GFE service that I provde, the companionship that you will feel with me, is simply “one of a kind.”

I’ve always had a “thing” for the ‘girl next door. You know the type....Carlton Hotel, Jan 2016

I’ve always had a “thing” for the ‘girl next door. You know the type. Your older sisters best friend, the girl sitting two seats in front of you in class. Always there but you never to seem to be able to “get them.” Either your too nervous or they have a boyfriend….and now your just too old.

Yarden is that girl. She’s the cute sweet, attentive girl (with the natural big tits) that you’ve never really had. She looks at you while you talk with those eyes and you simply fall for her. She gets closer to you and your heart beats faster while your speaking to her and soon she’s touching you. No matter how many times I’ve invited her over, no matter how many weekends we spent together, I still enjoy so much that particular moment. But don’t get me wrong, I also enjoy what comes next 🙂

She entered dressed to kill, hi heels, tits bouncing....Hilton Hotel, Feb 2016

She entered my room wearing a “not too short but elegant skirt, the high heels clicked on the wooden floor as she approached, her tits bulged out from her shirt…but it was her smile and eyes that gave me the feeling that, she was the right choice.

Our Private Party: We can do more, much more than just “you and me”

I offer options with my friends or with your friends for a small private party (FFM / MMF)

It can be so much more passionate and erotic, when there is more than 2. If you would like I can bring one of my sexy friends along. Together we offer you that perfect fantasy of a life time. We can meet you for dinner, meet you in your hotel room or both. Perhaps you have a friend that would like to join us for our own private party? For more information about our options please email me.



Please note, the prices and times are for out call only and there is no negotiation, so dont even try 🙂

Local: Tel Aviv / Rishon letzion and the area

  • One Hour – 2000nis
  • 30 minutes – 950nis
  • one and a Half Hrs – 2900nis
  • Additional Hour – 1500nis
  • Over Night/day (8-12 hrs) – 6800nis
  • Dinner date/drinks date
    (outside and then to the room  – 4hours)  5,000nis

Me and My Friend
I can bring a friend along for those who are interested in have two girls at once (and of course you can bring a friend as well).

Even though we recommend a two hours meeting in this case, we can have an awesome time however

  • half an hour: 1900nis
  • one hour: 4000nis
  • two hours: 7000nis
  • Additional hour 3000nis

Email me for additional details about my sexy friend.

National/International Travel (Minimum 48hrs)

First 24hrs: 12,000nis
Additional 24hrs: 8,000nis

Special Deal:
30,000nis for 4days, 3 nights


*Flight and transportation times are not included in the time.

 Where Can We Meet ? Hotels, Motels, Rooms….

Rishon Lezion (and the area)
Leonardo Boutique Hotel Rehovot
the kind of place where you can invite me for a drink or dinner 🙂
Boutique Hotel
Sadot Hotel – The best hotel in the area
Finally I’ve found a boutique hotel that is above the rest from the Atlas family of Hotels (Tal, Melody,Yam, Shalom). The hotel is in the Assaf-Center” shopping mall, third floor, discreet, clean and high quality, the best there is.
300nis- 3hours
Tel: 08-9199100
Hamakabim 8, Rishon Letzion
170nis-3 hours, 120nis-2 hours
High class rooms, aesthetic, in a quiet place with a discreet entrance
Leonardo Suite Hotel (Bat-Yam)
99 Ben Gurion Street
Tel: +972-3-5550555
Tel Aviv
We all know the big name hotels (Sheraton, Hilton etc.) along Hayarkon Street, however, if your searching for a nice, clean, discreet, room to rent for several hours, I can recommend three along the Beach area, costing between 250-300nis for 3 hours.
Boutique Hotels
Melodi hotel Tel: 03-5215300
Tal hotel – business hotel 03-5425500
Discreet rooms with No Reception Yordei Asira St. Tel: 054-4781791
Gordon Suites Kikar Atarim 052-9097358
Of course I can not guarantee there will always be an room available, If you know of other options in the area, I’d love to hear about them.

Contacting Me

Tel: 0549383798

Email: yardenisrael20@gmail.com

Please note that I don’t always have my mobile phone with me, so it will be easier to chat with me via email.


Its going to be a hot one 😉

02.04.2017 – 07.05.2017

Will be available mainly in Rishon letzion and the area, Tel Aviv as well.

08.05.2017 – 19.05.2017 – Visiting TEL AVIV city

27.05.2017 – 31.05.2017 –

Will be available mainly in Rishon letzion and the area, Tel Aviv as well.

24.06.2017 – 30.06.2017 Visiting TEL AVIV city.


More updates’ soon enough 🙂